China experiences record-breaking expansion in factory activity in March

China’s manufacturing activity has seen significant growth in March, reaching its fastest pace in 13 months. This expansion was accompanied by a rise in business confidence to an 11-month high, driven by an increase in new orders from both domestic and international customers. The Caixin/S&P Global manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) increased to 51.1, surpassing analysts’ expectations and marking the fifth consecutive month of expansion.

The positive results are in line with recent data showing better-than-expected export and retail sales figures, indicating a strong start to the year for the Chinese economy. Despite the optimistic outlook, analysts believe that additional stimulus measures will be necessary to achieve the forecasted 5% growth for 2024. Challenges such as a significant downturn in the property sector continue to weigh on overall economic activity.

Last month, manufacturers saw an increase in output and new orders, with external demand also on the rise. Business confidence regarding the coming year reached its highest level since April 2023, driven in part by reduced input costs. However, caution remains evident in the employment sector, as companies are hesitant to add new employees.

According to Wang Zhe, a senior economist at Caixin Insight Group, the economy still faces uncertainties and challenges despite the recent positive indicators. While lower raw material prices have helped reduce production costs, market competition remains fierce and demand continues to be a concern. To address these issues, efforts to boost domestic and external demand will be essential for sustaining economic growth.

By Samantha Robertson

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