Are people’s Easter celebrations being impacted by the economy?

Many people across the United States and in North Dakota are celebrating Easter on Sunday by attending church and hosting family gatherings, such as parties or dinners. As inflation continues to rise, the question arises as to whether this will impact people’s spending for the holiday.

According to Mandan financial advisor David Wald, consumers are actually spending more this year on Easter celebrations. He points out that the cost of groceries has significantly increased over the past few years, with $100 worth of groceries years ago now only filling about half the grocery bag. While egg prices have gone up, Wald believes people may choose to buy fewer of them. Despite concerns about inflation from the February report, he notes that the real impact is felt when consumers see the high prices at the checkout counter.

Wald advises that one way to save money during holidays is to purchase only the essentials and stick to a shopping list. He suggests opting for off-brand items instead of name brands to cut costs. By being mindful of their spending, consumers can still enjoy Easter celebrations without breaking the bank.

By Samantha Robertson

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