Adventist Site Included in Synthesis by Imaging Technology News

On April 1, 2024, SynthesisHealth LLC successfully implemented components that allow for remote clinical diagnostic reading capability for the radiology group serving Montebello Hospital in California. Montebello Hospital is a 224 bed Adventist facility. The components were integrated onto the existing PACS system with the goal of enhancing productivity for both radiologists and technologists.

The use of cloud technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in the medical field, particularly as more physicians are reading scans from their homes. Implementing cloud technology requires proper training and implementation. SynthesisHealth LLC expressed their satisfaction with working alongside the dedicated team at Adventist Montebello and RMG Imaging Consultants, Inc. to implement the new components without the need for an on-site server. The remote training provided was successful, marking a shift in the field of imaging IT by offering cost-effective solutions and scalability for healthcare organizations facing challenges with radiologist staffing.

Dr. Murray A. Reicher, MD FACR, the CEO of SynthesisHealth, emphasized the significance of this implementation in revolutionizing imaging IT. This marks the sixth major installation of Synthesis OS since its commercial availability in late 2023, adding to other successful implementations in California and Arizona.

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