Update from Kate Middleton’s Family Following Cancer Diagnosis

Kate Middleton’s maternal uncle, Gary Goldsmith, spoke out about the Princess of Wales’ handling of her cancer diagnosis in an exclusive interview with Spanish show ¡De Viernes! released on March 29. Goldsmith commended Kate for handling the difficult situation incredibly well, especially having to deal with her children and offer explanations to the media on a national and international level. He expressed his concern for Kate’s well-being and mentioned his communication with her sister Carol Middleton.

The media and online frenzy surrounding Kate’s whereabouts began when a photo of her and her children was pulled by major photo agencies due to suspicions of digital editing. Kate later admitted to editing the photo and apologized for any confusion it caused. Speculation came to an end when Kate announced in a video message on March 22 that she had been diagnosed with cancer after undergoing abdominal surgery in January. She is currently undergoing preventative chemotherapy.

Goldsmith shared his thoughts on how the rumors and comments may have affected Kate, emphasizing the support and love he has for his niece and her family. He mentioned reaching out to Kate personally to offer his support and reassurance. Goldsmith’s appearance on the U.K. reality show Celebrity Big Brother was also mentioned, where he was the first contestant to be evicted by public vote on March 8.

By Samantha Robertson

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