Supplying Wheat from Egypt between April and August

The Egyptian Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, has announced the beginning of the season for supplying locally produced wheat for the 2024 season, starting from April 15 to August 15. The decision specifies that the General Authority for Supply Commodities will purchase wheat at prices of 2,000 pounds for ardeb with a purity of 23.5 carats, 1,950 pounds for ardeb with a purity of 23 carats, and 1,900 pounds for ardeb with a purity of 22.5 carats. These prices apply to all locally grown varieties that meet quality standards.

The locally produced wheat will be marketed to various entities including the Egyptian Holding Company for Silos and Storage, the General Company for Silos and Storage, milling companies under the Holding Company for Food Industries, and the Agricultural Bank of Egypt. These entities will be responsible for receiving wheat from suppliers that meet approved conditions and specifications laid out by the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade.

There will be committees formed at wheat receiving and storage sites comprised of representatives from various government agencies. The Minister of Supply and Internal Trade has issued prohibitions on the transport of wheat without permits, payment delays to farmers, and the use of local wheat by certain industries during the marketing season without permission.

Any violations of the regulations set forth in the decision will result in penalties specified under the law, with seized quantities being delivered to storage sites and violating facilities being closed administratively. The government is taking measures to ensure the smooth supply and distribution of locally produced wheat for the 2024 season.

By Samantha Robertson

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