Georgia Taylor-Brown takes second place in Lievin at the World Triathlon Indoor Cup

British triathlete Georgia Taylor-Brown claimed the silver medal at the indoor World Cup, narrowly missing out on the gold in a thrilling sprint finish against Germany’s Laura Lindemann and American Gwen Jorgensen. The three women finished with an official time of 10 minutes and 19 seconds after completing a 150m swim, 3km bike, and 1km run.

The indoor event took place in Lievin, France, with a unique course that featured a 25m pool surrounded by a track. Triathletes competed on the outer lanes of the track for the bike leg before switching to the inner lanes for the run. Taylor-Brown, who is the 2020 outdoor world champion, expressed her happiness with her performance despite not feeling completely “run fit” at the moment.

The triathlete also mentioned the challenges of competing in the indoor environment, noting the dry air that affected her throat during the heats. Despite these obstacles, Taylor-Brown found the experience exciting and described the finals as particularly intense due to the crowded conditions on the bike and the pace of the run.

In the women’s final, Taylor-Brown’s British team-mate Jessica Fullager finished 12th, while Vicky Holland, a 2016 Olympic bronze medallist, was disqualified for not serving a penalty during her heat. On the men’s side, Norway’s Vetle Bergsvik Thorn took the victory, with GB’s Sam Dickson placing seventh in the race.

By Samantha Robertson

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