Easter egg hunts scheduled at Museum of Discovery and Science and Flamingo Park softball stadium – WSVN 7News Miami: Your Source for Local News, Weather, and Sports

Easter egg hunts are a beloved tradition during this time of year, and South Florida is no exception. In downtown Fort Lauderdale, children participated in an egg hunt at the Museum of Discovery and Science where they not only searched for eggs but also learned about animals that hatch from eggs. The annual event, called “Egg-splorations,” encouraged kids to discover different animals associated with eggs, including sea turtles, scrubjays, and dinosaurs. Participants raced to find golden eggs to win prizes, and over 300 children and families enjoyed exploring the museum and playing in the new Discovery Spot exhibit.

The event also featured an engineering challenge where some participants attempted an egg drop from a height, using a fire truck to see if the eggs would remain intact. Meanwhile, in Miami Beach, an early morning egg hunt at Flamingo Park’s softball stadium provided free fun for children of all ages. Families enjoyed searching for eggs across the field, going on Easter-themed rides, playing games, and even meeting the Easter Bunny. These events brought joy and excitement to the community during the Easter season.

By Samantha Robertson

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