China Nature Energy Technology Holdings Reports Full Year 2023 Earnings: CN¥0.041 loss per share, a decrease from CN¥0.021 profit in FY 2022

China Nature Energy Technology Holdings (HKG:1597) reported its Full Year 2023 Results with key financial results as follows: Revenue increased by 29% to CN¥284.1m compared to FY 2022, while the company experienced a net loss of CN¥10.1m, down 289% from a profit of CN¥5.37m in FY 2022. This resulted in a loss per share of CN¥0.041, a decrease from a profit per share of CN¥0.021 in FY 2022.

Looking at the earnings and revenue history of SEHK:1597 up to March 31st, 2024, the company’s share price has remained relatively stable compared to the previous week. However, there is a warning sign that investors should be aware of when considering China Nature Energy Technology Holdings.

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