Antelopes are preyed upon by crocodiles, hyenas, and leopards

During a visit to Marloth Park, adjacent to Kruger National Park in South Africa, Travis Carreira witnessed an unusual encounter between antelope and predators. Carreira and his friends observed a leopard attempting to hunt but failing during the day. As the sun set, Carreira went to the spot where the leopard was last seen, hoping to catch a glimpse of it. To his surprise, he not only saw the leopard but also spotted a hyena nearby.

Moments later, a herd of impalas approached the hyenas, setting the stage for a dramatic scene. The leopard quickly caught a gazelle, but the hyena was determined to steal the prey. It snatched the antelope from the leopard’s mouth, dragging it away to a safe place to eat. However, the situation became more complicated as two large crocodiles emerged from the river and joined the fray.

The chaos attracted another hyena, which joined the struggle to steal the prey. As the predators fought over the antelope, most of it was consumed by the crocodiles. The impala, a medium-sized antelope that lives in eastern and southern Africa, is a herbivore preyed upon by lions, leopards, hyenas, and wild dogs. Living in groups helps impalas defend against predators.

Leopards, though skilled hunters, are wary of hyenas and crocodiles and often fail to recapture their prey once it’s stolen. The scene witnessed by Carreira highlights the harsh realities of survival in the African bush, where predators compete fiercely for limited resources. Impalas must constantly be on alert to evade becoming a meal for the ever-present threats lurking in the savannah.

By Samantha Robertson

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