AI Specialist: The Trendy New Career in Government Jobs

The Biden administration recently announced plans to increase the number of AI specialists working in federal agencies. The goal is to hire 100 AI professionals by this summer. As part of this initiative, all federal agencies are required to hire a chief AI specialist to ensure the ethical and transparent use of AI. This decision was made by the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized the importance of using AI responsibly and having senior leaders overseeing its adoption and use. In addition to hiring AI officers, agencies will also establish AI-governance boards. These boards will help ensure responsible AI use within the government and will emulate existing boards at various departments.

To encourage recruitment of AI talent, the government is offering financial incentives of up to 25% of basic pay for relocation, recruitment, and retention. These new AI roles offer employees significant perks, including flexible work schedules and remote work options. Base salaries listed for AI specialists dealing with IT on government job boards are above $143,000.

Federal agencies must demonstrate that their use of AI does not harm the public. Should any AI tools show bias or negative impact, agencies must discontinue their use immediately. The new policy also requires agencies to publish an annual inventory of their AI use, release government-owned AI code they use, and ensure that a human oversees all AI tools.

This expansion of the government’s AI workforce is part of President Biden’s broader plan to enhance transparency in AI technology. This initiative has been underway since October, when Biden signed an executive order outlining transparency policies related to AI.

By Samantha Robertson

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