US tightens restrictions on export of AI chips and tools to China

The Biden administration announced on Friday that they have revised rules to make it more difficult for China to access US artificial intelligence (AI) chips and chipmaking tools. This change is part of a larger effort to limit Beijing’s chipmaking industry due to national security concerns. The rules were initially released in October with the goal of preventing the shipment of more advanced AI chips designed by companies like Nvidia to China.

The new rules, which span 166 pages, will go into effect on Thursday. They provide clarification on restrictions regarding chip shipments to China, including how they also apply to laptops containing those chips. The Commerce Department, responsible for export controls, has stated that they plan to continue updating the restrictions on technology shipments to China in order to strengthen and adjust the measures as needed.

Washington is cracking down on Beijing over concerns that China’s tech sector advancements could potentially aid its military capabilities. By implementing stricter rules on AI chips and chipmaking tools, the US aims to limit China’s access to technology that could bolster their chipmaking industry. As tensions between the two countries continue to rise, these measures are seen as an important step in protecting US national security interests.

By Samantha Robertson

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