Promoting Ethical Economic Practices: The Alternative Approach

In his new book, “The Alternative: How to Build a Just Economy,” journalist Nick Romeo argues that our current growth-based economic systems often overlook the human cost involved. He points out that while there are economic initiatives and programs that have been proven to improve the lives of local citizens, they are not widespread. Romeo highlights models such as “true price” initiatives, which consider human labor costs and environmental impacts in pricing, and job guarantee programs that ensure everyone in a community has access to employment.

Throughout the book, Romeo calls for the reintroduction of ethics into economics, emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations in economic decision-making. He showcases examples from around the world, as well as some from California, to demonstrate alternative approaches to structuring economies. By taking a more ethical and community-focused approach to economics, Romeo believes that there is much to be gained for society as a whole.

During our conversation with Romeo, we will explore what strategies have been successful in creating just economies, what hasn’t worked, and the potential benefits of adopting an alternative approach to how we think about and teach economics. Through these discussions, we hope to shed light on the importance of considering the human aspect of economics and the potential positive impacts of incorporating ethics into economic practices.

By Samantha Robertson

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