How to Listen to YouTube Music with Your Phone Screen Off

If you want to enjoy your favorite music on YouTube while your screen is locked without having to pay for a premium subscription, there is a technique you can use to access the content for free, without restrictions. This trick works for both Android and iOS devices and involves accessing the YouTube website through your browser instead of using the app.

To achieve this, simply follow these steps: First, open your browser and go to the YouTube website. Next, find the video you want to listen to and start playing it. Then, lock your screen or switch to another app while the video is playing. You will notice that the audio from the video continues to play even though your screen is locked.

Following these steps allows you to listen to just the audio of the video without having to unlock your phone. You can continue to enjoy your favorite songs without needing to keep the YouTube app open, as long as you don’t close the browser where you accessed the video from.

While this is not an official feature of the YouTube app, many users have found this workaround to be practical and convenient for listening to music on the platform without interruptions. Give it a try and enjoy your favorite tunes without the hassle of a premium subscription.

By Samantha Robertson

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