Georgia College & State University hosts 7th Annual Elementary Science and Engineering Fair for K-5 students

The 7th Annual Science and Engineering Fair at Georgia College & State University attracted over 400 students from across Georgia, marking the largest group of elementary students to participate in the event since its inception six years ago. Representatives from a hundred school districts attended the fair, and judges found it difficult to select winners from the many impressive projects on display.

John Trombley, a judge at the fair and Senior Chemistry Lecturer at GCSU, praised the high quality of projects presented by the bright students. With so many outstanding projects to choose from, judges faced a challenging task in determining the best entries. Fair Director Catrena Lisse, who also leads GCSU’s Science Education Center, emphasized the importance of nurturing children’s curiosity and self-confidence through events like the science fair.

Lisse expressed optimism about the future, highlighting the potential of these students to become future scientists, doctors, and agents at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). She stressed the importance of supporting and encouraging children from a young age to pursue interests in science and technology. Approximately 70 projects were completed by students from middle Georgia, showcasing a wide range of innovative ideas and scientific inquiry.

By Samantha Robertson

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