Exploring Citizen Science, Observing the Solar Eclipse, Enjoying a Holiday Brunch, and Diving into Modern Novels

A program is recruiting citizen scientists in Wisconsin to help improve the accuracy of weather forecasts. This initiative aims to engage the community in collecting data to enhance forecasting capabilities. More information about this program can be found at www.cocorahs.org.

In addition to the weather program, we also explore the upcoming solar eclipse that will be visible in certain parts of Wisconsin. An astro-photographer and astronomy enthusiast shares insights about this celestial event.

This week’s edition of Food Friday focuses on planning brunch for spring holidays such as Easter and Mother’s Day. A Wisconsin cookbook author and food writer provides tips on creating delicious holiday brunches suitable for any occasion.

Furthermore, we delve into the quest for the “Great American Novel.” Dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, readers have sought out literature that embodies the essence of American culture. A group of literary scholars, critics, and writers have compiled a list of books that they believe represent this concept. An editor from the project discusses the process of creating the list and highlights some of the must-read titles included.

The episode features Host Rob Ferrett, along with guests Sarah Marquardt, Kaitlin Moore, Erin Clarke, and Ellen Cushing. The production team includes Executive Producer Dean Knetter, Producers Colleen Leahy, Lorin Cox, and Richelle Wilson, and Technical Director Sarah Hopefl.

Wisconsin Public Radio holds the copyright for this 2024 broadcast, with content provided by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System and Wisconsin Educational Communications Board.

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