2024 Compliance Alert: A Must-Have Guide for Technology and Software Employers with Business Development and Sales Development Representatives

In today’s business environment, compliance and operational efficiency are more important than ever. Understanding the nuances of employment classification, specifically exempt vs. non-exempt, has become crucial in order to protect your company from financial risk. Changes in regulations and case law make it essential to stay informed on these matters. This webinar focused on key areas of concern for employers of Business Development Representatives (BDRs) and Sales Development Representatives (SDRs).

The webinar covered topics such as current standards for job classification, compliance strategies, and risk management through insurance. Understanding how judicial and regulatory changes impact the classification of BDRs and SDRs is vital for employers. Implementing strategies and systems to ensure compliance in today’s complex wage and hour environment is crucial. Additionally, learning about how insurance can protect your company and defend against wage-related claims is important.

The panel for this webinar included Brendan Lowd, Marc Mingolelli, and Greg Casale, who are experts in employment law, liability insurance, and founding one of the largest employers of BDRs and SDRs. By equipping your company with the knowledge and tools to navigate the evolving compliance landscape, you can confidently address any challenges that may arise in the future. Stay informed and prepared to tackle compliance issues in 2024.

By Samantha Robertson

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