The 2024 World Nature Photography Awards: Stunning Wildlife Captured

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A striking photograph of two gannets engaged in a battle for a fish in the waters near Scotland’s Shetland Islands has won the top prize at the World Nature Photography Awards. This image, captured by Tracey Lund from the United Kingdom, was chosen from numerous submissions to receive the $1,000 prize. Taken from a boat during her holiday, Lund used a DSLR camera in waterproof housing to capture the moment.

Lund described the incredible sight of thousands of gannets diving into the sea after locally caught fish, stating that she took 1,800 images that day but only had two usable ones. This year’s awards featured various categories including animal portraits, plants and fungi, and different types of animal behaviors.

Ivan Pedretti from Italy won the Planet Earth’s landscapes and environments category with his enchanting photo of winter in Stokksnes, Iceland, showcasing the beach with black sand and the majestic mountain called Vestrahorn. Pedretti highlighted the color contrast of the white mountains with the black dunes and yellow grass in his image.

Established in 2020, the World Nature Photography Awards aim to promote photography while also supporting the planet by planting a tree for each entry into the competition. The organization believes that photography can influence people to see the world differently and change their habits for the betterment of the planet. Adrian Dinsdale, co-founder of the WNPAs, expressed admiration for the stunning images submitted for the 2024 awards, emphasizing the high quality of the entries.

By Samantha Robertson

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