SGMC Health Foundation Awarded Gold Seal for Transparency

The SGMC Health Foundation has recently been recognized with the Gold Seal of Transparency on GuideStar by Candid, solidifying its position as one of the nation’s top non-profits in terms of openness and accountability. This award is given to organizations that showcase a high level of transparency by providing comprehensive information about their mission, programs, and finances. This recognition helps donors and stakeholders make well-informed decisions about supporting non-profit organizations.

As the philanthropic partner of SGMC Health, the SGMC Health Foundation plays a crucial role in supporting the health system’s mission to enhance the lives of those it serves. Through strategic partnerships and innovative fundraising efforts, the Foundation raises, manages, invests, and utilizes gifts and resources to improve and expand life-saving programs and services across the health system.

Hilary Gibbs, Vice President and Chief Development Officer, expressed gratitude for the recognition, emphasizing the Foundation’s commitment to adhering to industry best practices in non-profit transparency. She stated that being good stewards of the generous donations received is a top priority as they strive to enhance the health and well-being of the communities they serve.

Candid’s GuideStar rankings serve as the largest information source on non-profit organizations worldwide. Their goal is to transform philanthropy by providing information that promotes transparency, encourages charitable giving, and empowers users to make informed decisions. Candid was established in 2019 through the merger of GuideStar and Foundation Center.

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By Samantha Robertson

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