Over-the-Counter Options for Contraception and Reproductive Health

Cristin Hackel is a highly experienced nurse practitioner with over 25 years of experience in OB/GYN offices in the United States and Japan. She currently serves as the medical director of Nurx Gynecological Services, overseeing a large team of providers and ensuring high-quality care delivery to over 500,000 active patients. Cristin joined Nurx in 2017 and has been providing direct patient care in her role.

In a recent episode of Pharmacy Focus, Cristin Hackel, MSN, discussed OTC contraception and the pharmacist’s role in reproductive health. She talked about the available OTC options such as condoms and emergency contraceptive pills, as well as the newly approved Opill. Hackel explained the differences in efficacy between OTC and prescription methods, highlighting how OTC options can increase accessibility but require self-screening.

Hackel also addressed the potential public health benefits of improved access to contraception and its impact on reproductive rights. She emphasized the importance of pharmacists in promoting education and awareness of contraception options within their communities. This includes stocking OTC products and being knowledgeable to advise patients on contraceptive options.

Key takeaways from the discussion include the approval of Opill as the first OTC oral contraceptive pill in 2023. While OTC options may have lower efficacy compared to prescription methods, they offer improved accessibility without requiring a provider visit. Increased access to contraception can lead to positive public health outcomes by reducing risks associated with unintended pregnancy. Pharmacists have a crucial role in stocking OTC options, promoting education, and advising patients about their contraceptive choices.

By Samantha Robertson

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