Indigenous-led wave energy project in Canada chooses CalWave technology

CalWave, a California-based developer of wave energy technologies, has been selected as the technology provider for a wave energy project in Yuquot, British Columbia (BC) in collaboration with the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nation (MMFN). The project is indigenous-led and supported by funding from TD Bank Group and the Clean Energy in Rural and Remote Communities Program under Natural Resources Canada. Various partners across Canada, including the Pacific Research Institute for Marine Energy Discovery (PRIMED), Barkley Project Group, Canpac Marine Services, and Environmental Dynamics, are involved in the project.

The MMFN is currently focused on reclaiming their land, reconstructing their community, and harnessing the power of the North Pacific waves to support their new microgrid, with the goal of achieving energy self-sufficiency. This project, which is pioneering in the field of wave energy for coastal community microgrids, has the potential to serve as a model for similar initiatives along the North American Pacific Coast and globally. The project is currently in the feasibility and design stage, gathering information to help the MMFN make decisions on the full implementation of the project.

Azar Kamran, CEO of the MMFN, expressed the community’s vision for Yuquot as a hub of innovation in community building and clean energy development. The village has a rich history as a trade hub and is now poised to once again become a center of excellence, setting examples for sustainable practices and technological innovation.

By Samantha Robertson

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