Business owners in the Crossroads District optimistic about potential increase in business with new ballpark.

Brewery Emperial is located in a unique part of the Crossroads in Kansas City, where development is welcomed without causing disruptions to traffic or business. The brewery’s owner, Rich Kasyjanski, sees the potential of having a downtown ballpark nearby, which could bring more business on game days as people pass by on their way to or from the stadium.

Reflecting on the changes in the Crossroads since he first moved to Kansas City in 1995, Kasyjanski notes the growth and development in the downtown area. He remembers a time when it was difficult to find places to go out in downtown, but now there is a vibrant community with many bars, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Despite the positive changes, Kasyjanski acknowledges the uncertainty that comes with further development and construction in the area. He questions how the neighborhood will be affected and what the construction will look like in the future. However, he remains optimistic about the potential opportunities and growth that could come from being located in such a dynamic area.

By Samantha Robertson

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