A multinational company will increase its plant’s production capacity by 50%

The John Deere firm has announced that it will be starting important works at its plant in Las Rosas, Santa Fe in April. These works will allow them to increase their production capacity of sprayers and seeders by 50% with an investment of US$15 million. The president of Industries John Deere Argentina, Sergio Fernandez, mentioned that this investment is part of an ambitious program that the company has been implementing in Argentina for the past 10 years, with a total of around US$265 million invested. The goal for 2028 is to continue at this pace of investment.

The investment in PLA included new buildings within the plant, improvements in painting and assembly lines, as well as upgrades in processes, systems, and logistics. This investment marks a new milestone for the company and reinforces their commitment to supporting production and development in the country.

John Deere has been manufacturing in Argentina for over 65 years and their activities are spread across three plants: tractors, combines, platforms, and engines in Granadero Baigorria, sprayers and seeders in Las Rosas, and carbon fiber bowsprits in Campana. The company is the only manufacturer in Argentina of key agricultural equipment such as tractors, harvesters, seeders, and sprayers. They also supply engines for all their South American factories.

With over 3,200 direct employees, a network of exclusive dealers in over 100 locations, and 1,200 national suppliers, John Deere is recognized as one of the main exporting companies and employers in the manufacturing industry. Their focus on technology and optimization of processes has allowed them to continue leading in the field of Farm Equipment.

By Samantha Robertson

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