IMPD Decides Not to Pursue Gunshot Detection Technology

IMPD in Indianapolis recently made the decision not to move forward with implementing gunshot detection system technology. This decision came after a 9-week pilot program to test the technology with three different vendors on Indy’s near east side. After evaluating the results, IMPD Chief Chris Bailey determined that it was more beneficial to invest in other, more impactful and fiscally responsible solutions for law enforcement.

According to Chief Bailey, a report compiled by an academic partner and an IMPD working group found that gunshot detection technology ultimately provided the same amount of evidence as a 911 call. While some systems tested did allow for faster response times by officers, the report did not take into account external factors that could affect response times, such as officers’ locations when the calls were dispatched.

Despite the decision to forego gunshot detection technology, IMPD remains committed to investing in various other technologies to enhance public safety in the city. These include public safety cameras, mobile trailer cameras, B-link technology, automated license plate readers, and other proven tools to combat and deter crime. These advancements have been shown to significantly improve patrol efficiency and effectiveness, as well as aid detectives in solving crimes.

The funds initially allocated for gunshot detection technology, totaling $1 million, will now be redirected towards investing in “Smart Tasers”, a “less-lethal” method for officers to use against violent offenders. This decision aligns with the guidelines set out by the American Rescue Plan Act, which provided the funding for this purpose.

By Samantha Robertson

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