Elon Musk aims to transform X into a video platform resembling YouTube: the similarity is clear

The video playback platform for smart TV, X, has a design similar to YouTube TV with a login screen, Home, Search, and Profile Pages tabs. Elon Musk, the owner of X, aims to create a platform that offers audio, video, messaging, and payment capabilities to become an all-in-one application. Recently, X has been preparing a new application for Amazon and Samsung smart TVs, similar to YouTube TV, to encourage users to watch long videos on their TVs.

YouTube TV is a subscription streaming service available in the United States that offers live television from popular broadcasters and cable channels in both Spanish and English. X plans to launch an application that can offer videos up to two hours in length to compete in the streaming video platforms sector. The new application’s interface, previewed by application researcher Nima Owji, will have a similar design to YouTube TV with a main page featuring both long-form videos and Shorts presented in vertical format, along with filters for recommended and trending content.

The upcoming X app for smart TVs will feature a login screen, Home tab, Search tab, and Profile pages, making it web-based and compatible with most smart TVs. The app will cater to a variety of content preferences and user needs, aiming to establish itself as a robust streaming platform for video consumption.

By Samantha Robertson

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