Vendors at the Alemany Flea Market aim to remain operational

The Alemany Flea Market in San Francisco has been a beloved Sunday tradition for many years, attracting throngs of shoppers and sellers to a parking lot in Bernal Heights. However, this past weekend, there was a feeling of uncertainty hanging over the market. Vendors displayed their goods like record albums, crockery, artwork, and more, but there was concern about the market’s future.

Last week, a city representative mentioned that all city programs were under review for potential budget cuts due to financial constraints. While there had been no final decision regarding Alemany, some vendors at the flea market were worried about the looming deadline for vendors at another flea market in Civic Center Fulton Plaza, which was set to end on March 29.

During interviews with The Standard on Sunday, some vendors expressed their fears that the Alemany Flea Market could be next on the chopping block due to San Francisco’s budget issues. The market served as a weekly community gathering place and losing it would be a significant blow to both sellers and shoppers who relied on it for their livelihoods and unique finds. The uncertainty about the market’s future was palpable among those present at the flea market this past weekend.

By Samantha Robertson

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