Listen to Jessica Pratt’s latest single “World On a String”

Jessica Pratt is gearing up to release her highly anticipated album, Here In The Pitch, marking her first new music in five years. The lead single and opening track, “Life Is,” showcases a new side to Pratt’s ’60s folk-pop sound with added volume and instrumentation. In contrast, her latest track, “World On A String,” takes her back to her acoustic comfort zone while delivering masterful melodies. Pratt’s lyrics reflect her desire to be a beacon of light and a symbol of freedom for our senses.

Pratt draws inspiration from various sources, including the swaying brilliance of teenage garage rock bands and influential artists like The Nazz and GBV. She emphasizes the importance of capturing raw, spontaneous moments in music-making, encouraging artists to record songs shortly after learning them on a newly picked-up instrument. The influence of Bob Pollard can also be heard in Pratt’s vocals, adding another dimension to her unique sound.

Here In The Pitch is set to be released on 5/3 via Mexican Summer. Fans can expect a diverse range of sounds and influences on Pratt’s new album, showcasing her growth and versatility as an artist.

By Samantha Robertson

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