Board composition decided during Fortum’s general meeting

At the recent general meeting, Fortum, an energy company, announced the election of nine individuals to its board. Mikael Silvennoinen was elected as chairman, Essimari Kairisto as vice president, and Ralf Christian, Luisa Delgado, Jonas Gustavsson, Marita Niemelä, Prank Paavola, Johan Söderström, and Vesa-Pekka Takala as board members. The state had previously announced its decision to give up its board seat in Fortum, which would come into effect in January with the departure of Maia Strandberg.

During the general meeting, it was decided to grant discharge from liability for the 2023 financial year to all individuals serving as board members and CEO in 2023. Additionally, a dividend of EUR 1.15 per share was approved. The general meeting also authorized the board to decide on the acquisition of the company’s own shares, with a maximum of 20 million shares to be acquired. This authorization included the transfer of 20 million shares as well.

Overall, the decisions made by the general meeting aimed to ensure the smooth functioning and governance of Fortum moving forward. With the election of new board members and authorization granted for various actions, the company is poised to continue its operations effectively and efficiently in the future.

By Samantha Robertson

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