Blocked and Looted: The Urgent Need for More Entry Points in Gaza to Combat Hunger Crisis

World Food Program convoy in Gaza looted by desperate crowd at enclave entrance

The ongoing crisis in Gaza continues to pose challenges for the delivery of food aid. A recent incident saw a food convoy from the World Food Program (WFP) being blocked by the Israeli army at the entrance to the Gaza Strip and subsequently looted by a desperate crowd. Despite waiting for three hours at Wadi Gaza checkpoint, the 14 trucks carrying around 200 tons of food were not authorized to proceed, leading to their looting. This has prompted the WFP to explore alternative means of delivering aid to Gaza.

The situation in northern Gaza remains dire, with hunger reaching catastrophic levels. Children are dying from hunger-related illnesses and experiencing severe malnutrition. The UN agency has called for an increase in entry points into northern Gaza, particularly in the north, to address the urgent humanitarian crisis. A ceasefire is needed urgently to facilitate essential aid delivery.

The WFP has emphasized that more entry points are necessary for sustainable food supply in Gaza. While airdrops have provided some relief, they are considered a last resort and cannot solve the famine crisis completely. The WFP continues to advocate for more access points into Gaza.

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