Biden Calls Xi a Dictator, Cites Sources on Taiwan Remarks

Xi Jinping and Joe Biden met for the first time in a year, with Biden urging Xi to refrain from interfering in Taiwan’s election. During their discussions, Xi emphasized that Taiwan represents the most significant and perilous challenge to China-US relations, stating that it is considered a renegade province by China. The US has been apprehensive about the possibility of a Chinese attack on Taiwan for a long time.

Xi also stressed China’s desire for peaceful reunification while acknowledging the potential use of force in certain circumstances. However, he emphasized that China was not preparing for a major military strike against Taiwan. Additionally, Biden asked Xi not to interfere in Taiwan’s election and requested that China use its influence to advise Iran to avoid provocations in the Middle East.

In their previous press conference, Biden referred to Xi as a dictator, which met with a dismissive response from Xi. He emphasized the need for both China and the United States to succeed, stating that “turning our backs on each other is not an option.” Xi also stressed the intolerable consequences of conflict and confrontation between the two countries, noting that mutual understanding is crucial for maintaining positive relations.

The objective of the meeting was to restore predictability in the relationship between the United States and China rather than striving for major breakthroughs in their strained relations. Despite not expecting any significant advancements to result from the discussions, the Biden administration is committed to achieving a more predictable relationship between the two countries.

Chinese state media reported that Xi expressed discontent with the sanctions imposed by the US. They mutually agreed to relaunch direct communication between their armed forces and curtail China’s production of fentanyl.

In conclusion, despite their differences, both leaders recognize the importance of maintaining positive relations between their countries. The meeting marks an important step towards restoring predictability in this relationship and avoiding any potential conflicts or misunderstandings.

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