Biden and Xi: Finding Common Ground, Navigating Disagreements, a Misstep, and a Panda Pair

The meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping in San Francisco was a critical step towards de-escalating the tense relations between the US and China. After years of friction, the two governments came together to discuss their differences and find common ground.

During the meeting, agreements were reached, disagreements were confirmed, and a diplomatic misstep occurred regarding military communication between the leaders. While Biden described his conversation with Xi as “productive and constructive,” highlighting the resumption of important advancements, there is still much work to be done to improve relations between the two global powers.

The success of this meeting will be determined by how well both governments follow through on their commitments in the coming months. Only time will tell if this meeting will pave the way for future cooperation and dialogue or if tensions will continue to escalate.

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