Beyond Government Control: How Corporations Dictate Essential Commodity Prices and Shape Economic Policies

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In a recent letter to the editor, Richard Bechtold emphasized that there is no direct government control over prices of essential commodities like food, gasoline, and rent. He pointed out that any regulation of these prices is done through guidelines, not direct government intervention. Bechtold highlighted that corporations ultimately have control over these prices.

According to Bechtold, Republicans argue against government regulations in favor of unregulated corporations in the economy. However, lower-income individuals struggle with inflation as a result. Republicans often blame Democrats for the country’s increasing debt, with statistics shared by Sean Bruner showing that debt grew by over 40% under President Trump.

Despite facing challenges such as the pandemic, bank failures, and decreased tax income from the wealthy, President Biden has managed to reduce the national debt during his first term according to Investopedia. Bechtold argued that the dismantling of regulations under Trump has allowed corporations to exploit Americans financially and shifted responsibility away from Biden.

In conclusion, Bechtold urged readers to recognize their role in allowing corporations to take advantage of consumers and make informed decisions when it comes to economic policies.

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