Basketball Standout Kyler Flunker: From Slam Dunks to Shower Singing Dreams

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Kyler Flunker, a senior guard on the MVL Chargers boys basketball team, had a standout performance in a recent Section 2AA playoff game. He scored an impressive 25 points and led his team to a 78-63 victory over Sibley East. In an interview with Travis Rosenau, Flunker shared some personal insights about his interests outside of basketball.

When asked about his favorite food, Flunker mentioned Chicken Alfredo as his top pick. As for music, he currently enjoys the sounds of Sleepy Hallow. Flunker has always admired basketball player Kyrie Irving and dreams of vacationing in Puerto Rico one day. This is because Puerto Rico holds special significance for him as it’s where his father grew up, and he would love to explore the area and visit his dad’s childhood home.

Off the court, Flunker has a passion for singing. He enjoys shower singing, listening to music, and performing solos in choir and swing choir. His love for singing has been an integral part of his life since childhood, and he continues to nurture this talent even today.

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