Bank of Greene County: Celebrating 135 Years and Joining New York’s Historic Business Preservation Registry

Bank of Greene County Receives Historic Business Designation – Daily Freeman

The Bank of Greene County has been recognized as part of the New York Historical Business Preservation Registry. This designation was sponsored by Senator Michelle Hinchey and established by the state Legislature in 2020. The registry aims to honor and promote businesses that have made significant contributions to their communities, especially those that have been operating for at least 50 years.

On Monday, Jan. 22, about 75 bank officers, directors, and guests helped ring the closing bell at the Nasdaq Stock Exchange to celebrate the bank’s 135th anniversary and its 25th year of being listed on the Nasdaq. The event marked a remarkable moment for the bank, which has stood the test of time and continually adapted to meet the needs of its communities.

Senator Michelle Hinchey commended the Bank of Greene County for being a community-minded partner. “The bank’s impressive 135-year history is a testament to its resilience and adaptability,” she said. Donald Gibson, president and CEO of the bank, expressed excitement about their recent accomplishments, including raising interest rates on e-checking account and e-savings account and being added to New York State Historic Business Preservation Registry. He thanked everyone who had supported them over the years and looked forward to celebrating this momentous occasion with them.

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