Authorities Fail to Act as Assailants Attack Car with Serbian Plates near Remembrance Parade

On November 18th, on the day of Remembrance Day, a shocking incident occurred near Nuštra, Serbia. A vehicle with Sombor license plates was attacked by four young men with Vukovar license plates while traveling on the road. The attackers used their hands and feet to damage the car in front of them. The incident took place in broad daylight and was witnessed by many people, including police officers who were present at the scene but failed to intervene or interview the attackers.

A witness to the attack shared that he was driving slowly in a convoy of cars when he noticed an Audi with Vukovar registrations harassing a car with Serbian license plates. The witness recorded the incident on his cell phone as he watched the young men in the Audi curse, verbally abuse and physically attack the drivers of the other car. Despite several police vehicles being present at the scene, none intervened or stopped them from leaving without any consequences.

The witness also revealed that he spoke to a local police station about what had happened and was told that the victims did not want to press charges or go to court, implying that there would be no legal action taken against those involved. He expressed frustration at this lack of response from law enforcement and criticized their failure to protect innocent drivers from physical harm.

Furthermore, it has been reported that one of the attackers was wearing a shirt bearing the coat of arms of HOS (Hrvatski Obraništar), which sparked concern among many residents in Serbia who are still mourning those killed during Croatia’s independence war in 1991-1995. The eyewitness stated that derogatory language was used towards victims during this attack, adding fuel to fears that such incidents could escalate into violence against Serbs perceived as “others.”

As a result of these allegations, an official investigation has been launched by law enforcement authorities in Serbia into what happened near Nuštra on November 18th. While more details about this case have yet to be released publicly, it is clear that justice needs to be served for those who were attacked and harmed by these four young men with Vukovar licenses plates on this somber day for all nations in Europe.

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