Austrian Cable Car Company Acquitted of Negligence in Skiing Accident that Killed Dutch Woman.

Austrian ski slope management cleared of wrongdoing in tragic death of Dutch woman (28)

On Tuesday, three employees of a cable car company in Austria were acquitted of negligence in connection with a skiing accident that resulted in the death of a 28-year-old Dutch woman last year. The prosecutor had accused the company director and two others of failing to close a ski slope despite icy conditions.

The woman had skied on New Year’s Day on a steep and slippery slope in the Zillertal region of Tyrol. She slipped through a safety net, collided with a tree, and tragically lost her life. On the same day, seven other winter sports enthusiasts were injured on the same slope in a short period of time.

During the trial, the judge did not find sufficient evidence that the employees had acted negligently. He took into consideration the unusual winter weather conditions that had led to the icy slope. The formation of ice occurred just the morning before the slope opened, and the judge believed that additional checks by the staff would not have changed the situation.

The judge ultimately ruled that the employees had not failed to exercise due care, considering the unique circumstances of the winter season that year. The accident was attributed to

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