AstraZeneca Launches Innovative Health Technology Company, Evinova

Evinova, a company that focuses on digital technology solutions, has partnered with several prominent players in the pharmaceutical industry to bring its innovative products to market. The primary goal of Evinova is to improve the design and delivery of clinical trials and reduce the time and cost of developing new medicines. Additionally, the company aims to bring care closer to patients’ homes and alleviate the strain on health systems.

One of Evinova’s recent partnerships is with Parexel and Fortrea, two leading contract research organizations (CROs). Through this agreement, Evinova’s digital health solutions will be made available to Parexel and Fortrea’s extensive customer base. This collaboration aims to promote industry adoption and expand Evinova’s global presence.

To further support its efforts, Evinova is also working with Accenture and Amazon Web Services. Together, they are accelerating the delivery of life-changing medicines by improving the design and delivery of clinical trials, as well as taking a more holistic approach to patient care before, during, and after treatment.

Overall, these partnerships demonstrate Evinova’s commitment to improving patient outcomes by leveraging digital technology solutions. By collaborating with key players in the pharmaceutical industry, Evinova is helping to accelerate the development of new treatments while also enhancing the overall patient experience.

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