Armenia Submits Inaccurate Minefield Information to Azerbaijan, Sparking Dispute over Mined Areas in Karvachar Region

Yerevan Sends Baku 8 Inaccurate Minefield Forms

Armenia has handed over 8 new forms of minefields to Azerbaijan, according to the Azerbaijan Mine Action Service (ANAMA). The submitted forms mainly contain information about the minefields surrounding the Murovdagh mountain range of Kelbajar (Karvachar) region. The forms detail the types of mines, the number, and the distances between the mines. However, ANAMA stated that the latest data provided is not accurate and reliable, as analysis of the forms showed that the indicated data do not match with real minefields and the coordinates of the points are incorrect.

In January, Azerbaijan reacted harshly to Armenia’s announcement that it was going to hand over to Azerbaijan eight newly discovered logs of maps of minefields. Baku noted that Armenia had not presented concrete maps of all mined areas despite its earlier promise to do so under international pressure after a tripartite announcement on November 9, 2020. According to Azerbaijan, only 25 percent of the accuracy of the maps presented by Armenia was correct.

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