Apple’s iOS Messaging to be Accessible on Android Devices by 2024

Apple has announced that it plans to integrate RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging support into the iPhone in 2024. This update will improve interoperability between iPhone and Android devices, allowing iPhone users to enjoy advanced features such as read receipts, writing indicators, high-resolution image and video sharing, and the ability to share their location in message threads. RCS messaging is a standard developed under the Universal Profile by the GSM Association, designed to overcome the limitations of traditional SMS and MMS. Apple’s decision to adopt RCS may have been influenced by regulatory pressure from the European Union, particularly the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which requires large companies to make their services interoperable with other platforms. However, Apple argues that iMessage is not popular enough in Europe to justify enforcing such rules and is planning to appeal any government regulation of its App Store. Some companies, such as Google and Samsung, have long urged Apple to add support for RCS, using marketing campaigns and promotional videos. Even Nothing, a telephone company founded by Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, has introduced a messaging system similar to iMessage on its Android phones. While Apple’s openness to RCS may not be a voluntary choice, it represents a significant change for those who have had to deal with low-quality videos and other missing features when communicating between iPhone and Android devices.

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