Amazon Scores Exclusive Deal to Stream NFL Playoff Game, Beats Out Peacock in Viewership

Amazon secures exclusive streaming rights for NFL playoff game

Amazon has been granted the exclusive right to stream one National Football League playoff game next season, a source close to the matter revealed to CNN. This announcement comes just a month after NBCUniversal’s Peacock became the first platform to live-stream an NFL playoff game. The January 13 matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins was history-making, with more than 20 million viewers streaming it on Peacock, making it the most watched event in US history.

In comparison, the Wild Card game between the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans on January 13 drew in an average of 29.2 million viewers across multiple platforms including NBC, Peacock, NBC Sports Digital, NFL Digital and Telemundo. This made it the most-watched Saturday NFL Wild Card game on NBC since 2014.

According to sources, Peacock did not lose its rights to exclusively stream a playoff game but rather Amazon earned this deal by meeting certain performance benchmarks as part of its 2021 streaming agreement with the NFL. Earlier this month, Amazon reported a 24% increase in total viewership for “Thursday Night Football” this season compared to last year’s numbers. In fact, Prime Video’s November 30 Seahawks-Cowboys game attracted 15.3 million viewers, becoming their most viewed TNF game ever according to their quarterly financial report.

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