Alarming Rise in Executions in Iran: A Grave Violation of Human Rights

Iran’s highest number of executions since 2015 reach at least 834 in 2023

The annual report by Iran Human Rights and Ensemble contre la peine de mort revealed a 43 percent increase in executions in Iran in 2023. This alarming trend is the second time in twenty years that the number of executions has surpassed 800 in a year, with a total of 834 people being put to death. Iran, along with China and Saudi Arabia, is among the countries that carry out the death penalty most frequently, with executions typically conducted by hanging.

In 2015, there were a total of 972 executions in Iran, showing a concerning pattern of high numbers of death penalties being carried out in the country. The report highlights the ongoing issue of capital punishment in Iran and sheds light on the gravity of the situation. Efforts to advocate for the abolition of the death penalty and push for reforms in Iran’s justice system are vital to combatting this troubling trend.

The rise in executions is a cause for concern as it marks a significant increase compared to previous years. The use of capital punishment is seen as a violation of human rights, and efforts should be made to address this issue urgently. The international community can play an important role in advocating for change and putting pressure on governments like Iran to reform their justice systems.

The execution figures also highlight the need for more transparency and accountability from governments when it comes to their use of capital punishment. Without proper oversight, abuses can occur leading to wrongful convictions and violations of human rights.

Overall, the annual report serves as a stark reminder that there is still much work to be done when it comes to addressing human rights violations such as capital punishment. Efforts must be made at both local and international levels to ensure that these violations are not only stopped but also prevented from happening again in future years.

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