AI Board Stands by Dismissal of CEO Sam Altman amidst No New Developments

The board of directors at OpenAI has confirmed their decision to remove former CEO Sama Altmana in an internal memo sent to company staff. The memo, reported by the NYtimes, expressed the board’s confidence in Emmett Shear, a former executive at Twitch, as their new interim CEO. The board members also signed the memo, affirming their support for the decision.

While the memo did not specify the exact reasons for Altman’s dismissal, it stated that his behavior and lack of transparency had undermined management’s ability to effectively oversee the company. OpenAI’s investors, including Microsoft, were reportedly taken by surprise by Altman’s departure. Microsoft, a major investor in OpenAI, was only informed of Altman’s termination a minute before it was publicly announced. The board emphasized the importance of honesty and transparency between executives and the board of directors.

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