Agricultural Pioneers: Recognizing Wider Achievements in Grain Crop Science through Renamed UK Wheat Science Service Award

British Extension Agent Recognized with Grain Crops Science Service Award

The UK Wheat Science Service Award has been renamed to recognize wider achievements in grain crop science, including advancements in research and education. Chad Lee, Grain and Forage Center of Excellence director, praised Curt for his work in supervising corn, wheat, and soybean yield contests and promoting research for high-yield and high-quality wheat. Curt’s dedication to working with producers and contributing to the agricultural community has been a significant part of his career.

On the other hand, Judy has dedicated nearly 44 years to serving as an extension agent in various counties. A graduate of the UK agronomy program, Judy has been a valuable asset in supervising yield contests for different crops and collaborating with researchers on essential studies concerning tillage, soil fertility, and compaction. His work in research projects and educational initiatives, such as those related to soybean cyst nematode, has significantly impacted the field of grain crops science in Kentucky.

Additionally, Judy developed a software program in 1999 to aid growers in complying with the Kentucky Agricultural Water Quality Plan, streamlining the process for thousands of farm plans. His efforts in educating growers on genetically modified organisms and farm trucking regulations showcase his deep commitment to Kentucky agriculture. Lloyd Murdock, Department of Plant and Soil Science professor emeritus, commended Judy for his expertise, dedication to his clientele, and the respect he garners from colleagues across the state.

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