AGCM’s Focus on Taxi Service Sector Reveals Structural Issues and Calls for More Flexibility in Monitoring and Licensing

Municipalities Outmatched by Antitrust: Call to Raise Taxi Licensing

The Competition and Market Guarantor Authority (AGCM) is actively focusing on the taxi service sector. In August 2023, the Antitrust sent a request for information to various cities, cooperatives, and booking platforms to assess service provision conditions. After analyzing the information, the Authority highlighted critical issues such as a lack of licenses leading to unfulfilled requests and long waiting times. Additionally, municipalities were found to be inflexible in monitoring and correcting service issues.

The AGCM subsequently sent a similar request to Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Palermo, and Turin. Palermo faced structural supply issues and lack of regulation, while Florence lacked monitoring mechanisms for service quality. On the other hand, Bologna, Genoa, and Turin did not have significant service issues.

In response to these findings, the Mobility Councilor of the Municipality of Milan announced plans to publish a call for 450 new licenses. Despite efforts to increase licenses in certain cities, concerns have been raised about insufficient taxi supply in Italy. Some municipalities have been slow to respond to requests for information.

Concerns about insufficient taxi supply have led Codacons organization to suggest sanctions for municipalities that fail to increase licenses. The organization has cited potential crimes related to refusal of official acts and public service interruption.

Overall, the AGCM’s findings highlight the need for greater flexibility in monitoring and correcting service issues by municipalities. Additionally, there is a need for more licenses in cities with high demand but limited supply.

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