After a sudden strike, Skytanking staff at Brussels Airport resume work

After a sudden strike, Skytanking staff at Brussels Airport resume work

Skytanking staff returned to work on Thursday evening following a spontaneous strike that occurred after the unions and management reached an agreement. Olivier Van den Eynde of the socialist trade union ABVV reported on the resolution.

The staff of Skytanking, a company that supplies fuel to aircraft at Brussels Airport, had decided to stop work spontaneously after a staff meeting. This decision was made in response to management unilaterally changing the joint committee, which was believed to have a negative impact on pay and employment conditions.

After hours of negotiations, unions and management agreed on three demands put forward by the unions. Firstly, there will be a dismissal clause in the employment contract ensuring that current employees are protected under the conditions of the previous joint committee. Secondly, the management will provide clear explanations of the new pension plan, addressing the uncertainty surrounding it. Thirdly, the indexation according to the old joint committee will be retained for current employees.

Van den Eynde stated that a resolution was reached around 7 to 8 p.m., indicating that work could resume. The staff did not want Skytanking to lose customers and demonstrated a willingness to take action to resolve the situation. The impact of the strike was limited at the airport as customers had switched to alternative fuel suppliers.

Skytanking at Brussels Airport employs around 45 workers and ten employees, highlighting the importance of reaching an agreement to ensure smooth operations and maintain positive working conditions for the staff.

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