A top Putin official visited Vienna this week

A top Putin official visited Vienna this week

The Russian President’s Special Representative for International Cultural Cooperation, Mikhail Schwydkoj, was in Vienna at the beginning of the week but all meetings with representatives of official Austria were canceled at the last minute. This was likely the highest-ranking Kremlin emissary to visit Austria since the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine began on February 24, 2022.

During his visit, Schwydkoj first met with members of the Russian community in Vienna and addressed specific concerns and requests for support and subsidies from representatives of Russian cultural and educational projects in Austria. He mentioned that there would be no changes to Moscow’s political course after the Presidential elections on Sunday. Meetings with Austrian government officials were canceled last minute, despite preliminary agreements.

Schwydkoj also mentioned that the new Slovakian Minister of Culture had lifted a ban on cooperation with Russian cultural institutions. He traveled from Vienna to Bratislava after his visit. The Austrian Foreign Ministry confirmed that there were no appointments with representatives of the ministry and refused to comment on visa procedures.

As the Russian President’s special representative for international cultural cooperation, Schwydkoj has had close contacts with Austria in the past. However, some of the individuals he had previously met with in St. Petersburg were unavailable for meetings in Vienna during his recent visit.

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