A Successful Rescue: The Inspiring Story of the Girl Abducted from the UN Secretary General’s Home

Protesters from the families of abductees held a demonstration in front of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ residence in New York today. They were protesting Guterres’ claim that the recent attack by Hamas on October 7 did not occur in isolation.

As Guterres exited his home, protesters shouted at him, challenging his concern for the 41 children who have been kidnapped underground and his stance on anti-Semitism. The activists sang birthday songs to Emily Hand, who was celebrating her ninth birthday while being held captive by Hamas in Israel. They also read out the names of all 239 abductees in Gaza and mentioned Oren Shaul, Hadar Goldin, and Avra Mengistu, who are also being held captive.

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, had recently invited Guterres to a screening of “The Horror Movie,” which was scheduled for Monday. This event was also extended to UN ambassadors, other senior officials of the organization, and representatives from the Jewish community in New York.

Thomas Hand, Emily’s father, had previously expressed relief upon hearing that his daughter was killed and not kidnapped and tortured in Gaza. However, he later learned that there had been a mistake in identification and that his daughter was actually being held captive by Hamas.

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