8-time Olympian Noriaki Kasai’s First Tournament Points in 5 Seasons at Ski Jumping World Cup

Kasai, ski jumper, achieves his first World Cup point in five seasons while competing overseas.

Japan’s Noriaki Kasai finished 28th at a ski jumping World Cup event in Lahti, Finland on Sunday. This was the eight-time Olympian’s first tournament point in five seasons at an overseas meet. Despite struggling with timing and settling for a shorter distance in his second jump, Kasai expressed satisfaction with his progression to the second round and gaining valuable experience he had been missing.

In his first World Cup appearance overseas in four seasons, Kasai failed to advance to the second jump on Friday. However, this time he achieved a distance of 123 meters with his first jump, securing a spot in the top 30 out of the 50-man field and qualifying for the second attempt. This was significant achievement for Kasai, who had been struggling to regain form after retiring from competition four years ago.

Kasai expressed frustration about his performance but remained optimistic about his future performances. He believes that he can continue to improve and build on his recent experiences. With this goal in mind, he plans to put together two strong jumps and achieve better results in upcoming meets.

The competition was ultimately won by Jan Hoerl of Austria, who scored 266.1 points with jumps of 124 and 134.5 meters. Peter Prevc of Slovenia secured second place, followed by Aleksander Zniszczol of Poland in third. Japan’s Ryoyu Kobayashi achieved a fifth-place finish in the event.

Overall, Kasai’s performance was an impressive feat given the challenges he faced during the competition. His determination and optimism bode well for future successes as he continues to work towards improving his skills and achieving better results on the international stage.

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