2024 Rankings of Top Creative Directors Released, with FCB New York’s Alexandre Abrantes Leading the Way

New Yorkers Lead the Way: World Creative Rankings for 2024 Show Strong Presence of NYC Creative Directors

The 2024 list of the best creative directors in the industry has been released, and FCB New York’s Alexandre Abrantes is at the top. He is closely followed by Simon Dolsten, now at Johannes Leonardo, and Thomas Mori, who share second place. These three positions were earned through their work on highly acclaimed campaigns for Michelob Ultra, owned by AB InBev, which was also named the top advertiser in the World Creative Rankings.

Two of the standout campaigns by these creative directors include ‘McEnroe v McEnroe,’ which received numerous awards globally for its innovative concept of pitting tennis legend John McEnroe against a virtual version of his younger self. Another campaign, the Dreamcaster project, showcased Michelob’s technology that allows the blind and visually impaired to experience basketball. These campaigns secured the trio’s positions at the top of the rankings.

Oswaldo Sa at VML New York also ranks highly on the list, earning fourth place with three top 200 campaigns, including Oreocodes which was the 12th-most-awarded campaign worldwide. The World Creative Rankings analyze thousands of pieces of work from major industry awards programs to determine the top creative talent in various roles. These rankings also include the best agencies, networks, holding companies, advertisers

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