2022 Election: Super Tuesday Insights Point to Biden vs. Trump Rematch, Voter Turnout Expected to Rise in November

Political science professor at JMU delves into top concerns of voters in upcoming election

With Super Tuesday officially closed, the front runners for this year’s election are becoming clear. As the possibility of a rematch between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden on the horizon looms, voters will spend the next eight months hearing from both candidates on the campaign trail. However, Marty Cohen, a professor of political science at JMU, notes that a lot has changed since the 2020 election.

Cohen says that Democrats and Republicans have different issues they want to address in this election. Democrats may focus on reproductive rights and immigration, while Republicans may prioritize inflation and gas prices. Despite the familiar ballot on Super Tuesday, turnout may not be high, but valuable information can still be gathered from the votes.

The margins of victory and the enthusiasm of voters in various states for the two candidates will be telling. Cohen predicts that voter turnout will increase come November as voters voice their opinions at the ballot box. The campaign trail will be busy as candidates waste no time getting their messages out to voters. Election day is set for Tuesday, November 5th.

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